Alto Invoicing for iOS

Freelancers, Contractors and Small Businesses like to get paid. We built an app for that very reason. It features the ability to log working hours, create and send estimates and invoices. Get paid via Stripe, PayPal, Square Cash and more... We could go on and on about it (It’s feature-rich! With a clean, easy to use design!). We won’t though. Because you have things to do, like write invoices and count your earnings. So, download Alto Invoicing and start getting paid right away.

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Alti for iOS
Alti for iOS
Alti for iOS
Alti for iOS
Alti for iOS
Alti for iOS


"It is such a useful addition to your device, with its small size and magnificent features that is really helping. I like the ability to use paypal which is very important and not available in a lot of other apps. You may take a few minutes to figure out how to fully use it, but don't worry everything will be just fine."

Kalid Abdeen

"Been using this service for months now and it's awesome. Square cash integration is really nice."

Spin Docta

"This is a truly great app for running your business."


"Honestly one of the best business based apps out there!"


"Great app! Perfect for what I need. Easy and very user friendly. It definitely serves its purpose with fast, easy and reliable invoicing."




So far, we've released the first version to the iOS App store. We hope to release more versions soon, possibly even one including an Apple Watch version of the app.

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V 1.0

Yay! We're finally live


Ability to print multiple invoices from the app + ability to attach the invoice as a PDF to emails + localization for Germany, Portugal & Spain

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